Crazy Holidays

January 7, 2011
I'm finally back after the craziness of the holidays. I was away from my home for a week and a half, then I got sick for a week, then working a couple 14 hour days. So haven't had much time for anything. So wait a few more days while I catch up on things then Last Sacrifice quotes will be coming up.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! Now for a bunch of news.

Bloodlines news from Richelle's Blog
"Over in YA territory, I've been working on Bloodlines through the holidays and have two more days to finish its rough rough draft. Word doesn't seem to be getting around about this, so here's the scoop. Bloodlines is the spin-off series to Vampire Academy (it's the name of the first book and of the series). It's set in the VA world but will be about different characters: Sydney (our narrator), Jill, Eddie, and one of the love interests from VA. I'm not saying who that last guy is, but it's mostly to protect those who haven't read Last Sacrifice. If you have read it, then it should be pretty obvious who the other character is.

And speaking of which...on tour, I got lots of questions/comments from people along the lines of "You never told us what happened to so-and-so" and "Why did you just leave that person hanging?" Don't worry, I wouldn't abandon you guys like that! Rose's main plot lines were wrapped up in LS, but lots of threads were left hanging--for a reason. Things left unanswered were done so to set the stage for Bloodlines. So, hang in there! Answers are coming."


Richelle Mead won Best Author from!

Random fact:
It was pointed out to me in the first chapter of the book it says:"I had to give him credit for stepping up to a lost cause, though considering our sketchy relationship, I still wasn't sure why he had. My biggest theories were that he didn't trust royals and that he felt paternal obligation. In that order."

But in the first chapter on Richelle's website it says:"I had to give him credit for stepping up to a lost cause, though considering our sketchy relationship, I still wasn't sure why he had. My biggest theories were that he didn't trust royals and that he felt fatherly obligation. In that order."



December 15, 2010
Sorry about the lack of updates recently. My computer had a virus and I couldn't do anything. But I just got Last Sacrifice :) so quotes should coming up sometime soon. Don't forget to submit your favorite LS quotes.

Here is a video that explains the clues in the LS character trailers from Penguin.


Christmas is coming soon (10 days!). Hope you guys have a merry Christmas! Have fun with crazy relatives, badly sung Christmas carols, kids running around screaming, and silly Christmas games (or ma...
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December 5, 2010
VA Last Sacrifice Quote teaser 05



"The VA spin off series now has a name: Bloodlines. And it's due August 2011." - Penguin

Artical about this can be found here


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Go Vote!

December 3, 2010
Richelle has been nominated for several categories in the 2010 Goodreads Choice Awards
- Favorite Book of 2010 (Spirit Bound)
- Young Adult Fantasy (Last Sacrifice)
- Goodreads Author
- Favorite Heroine (Rose Hathaway)



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"Spoilers are losers..."

November 30, 2010
As the release of Last Sacrifice draws near, there are some things I shall inform you on.

I hate spoilers when I don't want to hear/read them. You only get the true emotions when you read the book for the first time. So, quotes for Last Sacrifice will only be put on the Last Sacrifice Quote page. They will not be on the character quote pages or on the Newly added quote page to save people from accidentaly seeing them. 

Also I dont want the book spoiled for me since I won't be getting it Dec. 7t...

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Quote 4

November 29, 2010
VA Last Sacrifice Quote Teaser 04



Rose Hathaway Teaser Trailer premieres December 2nd


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Last Sacrifice Stuff

November 28, 2010
Last Sacrifice 1st chapter release information (From Richelle's Blog) -
"Other news: the first chapter of Last Sacrifice is going to be posted on November 29. Here's what's important about this: it is NOT going up at midnight. So, there's no need to start clicking refresh at 12:01 am. I'm not the one posting it, so I honestly can't tell you when it'll be up. My guess is during American business hours (and remember that with time zone conversions, 11/29 will be 11/30 for Australia and that part...

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Quote 3

November 23, 2010
V.A. Last Sacrifice quote teaser 03


Dimitri Trailer coming out November 26th (Australian Time)


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One Day Late

November 21, 2010
 After an extra day of waiting, here is the Adrian Ivashkov trailer! 


 Quote Teaser Trailer 03 comes out Nov. 23rd (Australian Time)

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Is it Jill?

November 18, 2010
accidentally came across this forum post and it really got me thinking. I've always thought that the "other Dragomir" was a character never mentioned yet until I read this...
"Who is the other Dragomir?
I think it's Jill (Jailbait) 
Why not? Her moms a dancer and Lissa's dad liked the Vegas show girls/dancers so..."

Others posted under this saying...

"In SK when Rose first meets Jill, she noticed her eyes were that Jade green like Lissa's."

"In the beginning of Spirit Bound (chapter 3) Rose meet...

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