accidentally came across this forum post and it really got me thinking. I've always thought that the "other Dragomir" was a character never mentioned yet until I read this...
"Who is the other Dragomir?
I think it's Jill (Jailbait) 
Why not? Her moms a dancer and Lissa's dad liked the Vegas show girls/dancers so..."

Others posted under this saying...

"In SK when Rose first meets Jill, she noticed her eyes were that Jade green like Lissa's."

"In the beginning of Spirit Bound (chapter 3) Rose meets Jill's mom but there is no mention of any father in that part... so that could mean that her father was killed or that he IS Eric Dragomir... Right?"

Jill is a very good suspect for this but what about other characters?...

"I think it can be Jill or Adrian. Could be Jill because there is no mention of her father and her mother is a dancer. But then again I guess Richelle is doing that because most people would think it's Jill, while it really is Adrian. Well I am not sure, It's just a thought that came across my mind. Remember Rose said that both Dragomirs and Dashkovs had green eyes but she never mentioned that Ivashkovs had but Adrian does. So I think it is Adrian."

Personally I think it is a low percentage that it would be Adrian. He has parents (Nathan and Daniella). So if it is him then he is either adopted or his mother had a fling with Eric and I don't think this is the case but you never know. Maybe that is why Tatiana liked him so much, because she knew he was part Dragomir. But then again Tatiana wanted Lissa and Adrian to be together. And if she knew Adrian came from Eric that would be a little weird for her to set them up as they would be half-siblings.

So, who do you think it is? Someone we met already? or someone we haven't?