Last Sacrifice 1st chapter release information (From Richelle's Blog) -
"Other news: the first chapter of Last Sacrifice is going to be posted on November 29. Here's what's important about this: it is NOT going up at midnight. So, there's no need to start clicking refresh at 12:01 am. I'm not the one posting it, so I honestly can't tell you when it'll be up. My guess is during American business hours (and remember that with time zone conversions, 11/29 will be 11/30 for Australia and that part of the world). Again, I'm not 100% sure of the time, so I don't advise staying up all night for it. Get your sleep! You need it. Then check here or my website. The instant I'm notified about the posting, I'll pop the link up here for you."

 VA Last Sacrifice Dimitri Belikov Trailer -


Teaser Quote 4 will premiere November 29th.

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