As the release of Last Sacrifice draws near, there are some things I shall inform you on.

I hate spoilers when I don't want to hear/read them. You only get the true emotions when you read the book for the first time. So, quotes for Last Sacrifice will only be put on the Last Sacrifice Quote page. They will not be on the character quote pages or on the Newly added quote page to save people from accidentaly seeing them. 

Also I dont want the book spoiled for me since I won't be getting it Dec. 7th. Feel free to submit your Last Sacrifice quotes but I will not be reading the submissions until I have finished the book. The site will still be updated during this time. 

Thank you everyone!

Read the first chapter of Last Sacrifice here!


VA Last Sacrifice Rose Hathaway Trailer  -  

Penguin has released the new December L.S. countdown wallpapers. Head to their website for the downloads!