Victor: "I know how you healed Rose.”
Lissa: "That…was different. Rose wasn't that hurt. ..."
Victor: "Not that hurt? I'm not talking about her ankle ... I'm talking about the car accident. Because you're right, you know. Rose didn't get 'that hurt.' She died.”
Victor Dashkov and Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy)


"After all, how does one choose who gets to be healed? They'd say it wasn't fair. That it was like playing God."
- Victor Dashkov (Vampire Academy)

"Some part of you will always ... fight to cling to life and experience all it has. That's why you're so reckless in the things you do. You don't hold back your feelings, your passion, your anger. It makes you remarkable. It makes you dangerous."
- Victor Dashkov to Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy)


"The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly, hidden in the shadows."
- Victor Dashkov (Vampire Academy)

Victor: “Oh my. This might be the best meal I’ve ever had.”
Rose: “Put your teeth anywhere near me and it’ll be your last meal.”
- Victor Dashkov & Rose Hathway (Spirit Bound)

Victor: “Oh? Are you using compulsion nowadays too, Rose?”
Rose: “I don’t need it. I can render you unconscious as easily as that guy and drag you out. Makes no difference to me.”
- Victor Dashkov & Rose Hathway (Spirit Bound)

Victor: "How charming. Out of all the people who would attempt to rescue me, I never would have expected you two . . . and yet, in  retrospect, you're probably the most capable."
Rose: "We don't need your running commentary, Hannibal."
- Victor Dashkov and Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Victor: "Even if he erases it, there are those who might be able to recover it from the hard drive.
Rose: "It's a chance we'll have to take. Reprogramming or whatever isn't really in my skill set."
Victor: "Perhaps, but destruction certainly is."
'It took me a moment to get what he meant, but then it clicked. With a sigh, I grabbed the fire extinguisher from the wall and beat the computer to a pulp until it was nothing more than a pile of plastic and metal fragments.'
- Victor Dashkov and Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Rose: “As hard as it is to believe, we didn’t do all that just because we missed your pleasant company.”
Victor: “That is hard to believe.”
- Victor Dashkov & Rose Hathway (Spirit Bound)

Victor: "How do I know you won't get what you want from me and then turn me back in anyway? I have no reason to trust you."
Rose: "You're right. I sure as hell wouldn't trust me. But if things work out, there's a chance we might let you go afterward." 
'No, there really wasn't.'
- Victor Dashkov and Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Victor: "It's an early dinner. Four Thirty. And the sun won't go down until almost eight."
Rose: "Four Thirty? Good God. Are we getting the senior citizen special?"
- Victor Dashkov and Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

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