Tasha: "I've heard a lot about you, Rose."
- I gave Christian a dangerous look, and Tasha laughed. -
Tasha: "Don't worry, It was all good."
Christian: "No, it wasn't."
- Tasha Ozera and Christian Ozera (Frostbite)

"Not bad—aside from the fact you would have burned my face off."
- Tasha Ozera (Frostbite)

"And please don't insult us all by acting like the Moroi do a huge favor to the dhampirs by helping them reproduce. Maybe it's different in your family, but for the rest of us, sex is fun. The Moroi doing it with dhampirs aren't really making that big of a sacrifice."
- Tasha Ozera (Frostbite)

"This entire plan of yours to get more guardians relies on throwing children and the unwilling into harm's way, just so you can—barely—stay one step ahead of the enemy. I would have said it's the stupidest plan I've ever heard, if I hadn't already had to listen to his."
- Tasha Ozera (Frostbite)

Rose: "Have they finally let you have a guardian?"
Tasha: "I think they're hoping it'll shut me up about Moroi fighting with dhampirs. Kind of a bribe."
Rose: "One you won't fall for, I'm sure."
Tasha: "Nope. If anything, it'll just give me someone to practice with."
- Rose Hathaway and Tasha Ozera (Spirit Bound)

Tasha: "More champagne?"
Adrian: "Lady Ozera, you and I are two minds with a single thought."
- Tasha Ozera and Adrian Ivhashkov (Spirit Bound)

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