I'd noticed she (Deidre) had a habit of answering my questions with questions.
Deidre: "Have you ever had sex with anyone?"
Rose: "No. Are you saying I should have?"
Deidre: "Do you think you should have?"
Damn. I'd thought I had her. I'd thought for sure she wouldn't have a question for that one.
Deidre: "That's not what I asked."
Rose: "Yeah, but—" I stopped. "Hey, you didn't ask a question."
Deidre: "You think I always ask questions?"
Rose: "Never mind.
- Deirdre & Rose Hathaway (Shadow Kiss)

Deirdre: "Would you rather not talk about Lissa today?" 
Rose: "We can talk about whatever you think is useful."
Deirdre: "What do you think is useful?"
Damn it. She was doing the question thing again. I wondered if one of the certificates on her wall gave her some sort of special qualification to do that.
- Deirdre & Rose Hathaway (Shadow Kiss)

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