I am not Richelle, just another fan like you guys who love her books.
If you
are expecting an email back from me, check your junk folder in case it ends up there.

About Me - 

I'm just your average college teen trying to make it through life. I'm a nanny, love Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace (if you don't know those bands, Google them), Google solves all my life's questions, I love black olives, I think the gorgeous Ben Barnes should definitely play Dimitri, and I can't figure out how to snap my fingers. It's definitely harder than it looks.

I have a passion for drawing. One of my pictures done in pencil -

It's bad quality but I don't have a scanner so that's the best i can get.

I started reading the Vampire Academy series when Frostbite came out in 2008. I've honestly lost count how many times I've read the books. Here are some of my favorite quotes -

Rose: "What are you doing here?"
Christian: "What's it look like? I'm a stowaway.”
Rose: "Don't you have a concussion or something?”
He shrugged like it didn't matter.
- Rose Hathaway & Chr
istian Ozera (
Vampire Acadmey)

Mason: "Belikov is a sick, evil man who should be thrown into a pit of rabid vipers for the great offense he committed against you this morning."
Rose: "Thank you. Can vipers be rabid?"
Mason: "I don't see why not. Everything can be. I think. Canadian geese might be worse than vipers, though."
Rose: "Canadian geese are deadlier than vipers?"
Mason: "You ever tried to feed those little bastards? They're vicious. You get thrown to vipers, you die quickly. But the geese? That'll go on for days. More suffering."
Rose: "Wow. I don't know whether I should be impressed or frightened that you've thought about all this,"
- Mason Ashford & Rose Hathaway (Frostbite)

"There's nothing worse than waiting and not knowing what'll happen to you. Your own imagination can be crueler than any captor."
- Rose Hathaway (Frostbite)

Rose: “Good God, it’s that crazy woman again.”
The woman we watched was almost as ancient as Yeva, and she regularly walked up and down the street, muttering to herself. Today, she lay on her back on the sidewalk, making strange noises while waving her limbs like a turtle.
“Is she hurt?”
Denis: “Nope. Just crazy.”
- Rose Hathaway & Denis (Blood Promise)

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