To start off, the blog page will be about Vampire Academy stuff 95% of the time. The other 5% will probably be about random things that I find interesting and you might also.  

 Anyway, this is my current plan for the website. These are the minimum things I want to add daily -

- 2 new quotes
- 1 new bio page
- 1-2 quotes put in randomizer

I know the Random quote page has barley any quotes in it at the moment but it takes a long time and a ton of HTML coding to put the quotes in. Be patient as I hate doing the repetitive HTML stuff but it will have more quotes in time. Btw, If any of you would like to help me and do some of the HTML stuff, I would greatly appreciate it. Contact me about it if you are interested and we can work out some kind of agreement.
I've been looking at IMDB's Vampire Academy Movie page on occasion and the last time I looked I saw this -

From this I assume they are guessing the movie to come out sometime in 2013. Of course this may change because nothing is set in stone right now. 
That's all I have for you guys today.